Take Me to the Lakes - Weekender Edition (Englisch)


Through meadows and forests, from the shores of clear lakes in Berlin. All the way to beaches at the baltic sea: Weekender Edition Berlin is our top 50 collection of the accommodations that have crossed our path. From charmingly renovated farms to impressive, modern architectural constructs, impeccably decorated apartments, and idyllic hotels—we direct our focus to life in the countryside by illustrating the individuals who run them and the bodies of water they provide access to.

Take Me to the Lakes - Weekender Edition (Englisch)

Verlag: The Gentle Temper 2018

Titelart: Bücher

Einband: paperback

Seitenzahl: 336

Sprache englisch

Format BxH 16.5x21.5

Art.Nr.: 9783981849776


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